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February 25, 2012:
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What Kinds of Leases Can You Refinance? At What Rates?

Home, car, office, business refinancing

Leasing refinance rates vary on a day-by-day basis,and depend on factors like your credit score or the amount of money being refinanced. Over the past couple of years, car refinancing and office space refinancing are the most popular forms of leasing refinance practice. For offices, this is because the value of the real estate has decreased and office space owners are willing to cut rates in order to keep a space occupied, even if this means they run at a loss. For automobile leasing, refinancing is most often done by businesses who are leasing fleets of vehicles, and it may make sense for a bank or finance company to reduce refinacing rates in order to lower risk ratings or get some quick capital out of the lessee. In the automotive industry, there was a spate of leasing refinances when large pickups and SUVs suddenly lost resale value, which compelled dealerships to offer attractive rates to people who would either extend the lease or buy the vehicle outright instead of returning it.

Notes and Special Information

Special note: Always make sure refinancing fees do not exceed the savings you would make on the leasing refinance or payoff.