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November 30, 2013:
Take advantage of low interest rates to refinance your lease to more affordable levels



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Refinance Your Auto Lease, Cut Your Payment and Interest Rate

Keep Your Car Longer, Pay Less

Auto lease refinancing can be a win-win situation for you and the financing company. Over the past few years multiple leases were sold for vehicles, and now in a slow market these returned leased cars are adding  unwanted used vehicle inventory to dealer lots. If you'd rather keep driving your current car, and maybe pay less for it, you may have the option to extend your auto lease for a lower payment, depending on your finance company. This may also keep you from having to pay overage penalties for driving extra miles or perhaps returning the car in a condition that would be unacceptable to the dealership.

There are also services that will buy your car from you and write a lease on it, so car owners can take advantage of refinancing as well. With various financial instruments available for leasing, you can cut your interest rate and monthly payment. If you are looking to refinance your lease on credit card processing, there are several services available.

Has your credit rating gotten better since you got your lease? Then you owe it to yourself to save money every month on your payments. Even if you're saving a few dollars per month, that adds up to a lot of lifetime value that should be going into your pocket so you can pay the many other bills that you undoubtedly have.

Notes and Special Information

Special note: Always seek financial advice from a qualified financial planner.